A vase is typically smooth, elegant and feminine. But as an industrial designer, to me, that sometimes makes them feel unapproachable – pretty to look at but please beware of breaking them. I know the feeling – my mother collects vases with a passion. So for her birthday, I wanted to create a personal gift, but with my own touch.

The idea for the vase was inspired by the Carter Vase by Floris Hovers.
While the ‘twist’, the strong, industrial look reflects my vision for the vase, the colour ideation is based on my mother’s favourite colours. I tested different combinations in renders and finally ended with red/white.


After the 3D model and assembly were created in solidworks, I transferred them to Cura, first to test the structure of the vase and then to print it, in two parts. The parts were screwed together with bolts and nuts and sealed with putty in order to make it waterproof and functional.