Graphic Design


Post Human

Sometimes, new technologies can make you feel a bit… disconnected? The Post Human magazine aims to explore the metaphysical aspects of our rapidly digitalizing world and the sometimes strangely emotional connection we have with the technologies we create.

The ‘Post Human’ theme draws from scientific magazines but in a more artful, explorative way that poses strange questions to the reader.

The photos were taken by me at a technology exhibition in my hometown.

Chalmers Dance Society

This body of work has been created for the Chalmers Dance society where I am active as event/social media manager. 

Advertising posters for the dance society’s Valentine’s day themed dance party

Advertising posters for new courses & dance parties.


During a year of designing and writing for the Industrial Design student magazine InDepth, the following designs were created.

The magazine is released quarterly with new themes for every issue.

Brochure Design